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Terrazzo is a, originally Italian, hand crafted product. It has been used for kitchen worktops for dozens of years. Besides worktops, it’s a popular product for floors, windowsills and pavements. Everybody knows the old-school terrazzo floors. Think about how long they have been in those houses. It proves terrazzo is a very hard-wearing product.

What is Terrazzo:

Terrazzo is a mixture of marble, granite, sand and cement. We add some excipients and color of your choice.

The created substance gets mixed up with water and poured into a mold. The worktop gets taken out of the mold after hardening. It is time to shed, polish and impregnate.

The last step of making a concrete worktop is the protection. We created an unique compaction method thanks to years of experience. This compaction method contains as little air as possible. This is the reason why our worktops are stronger, less porous and have less chance of staining than the traditional worktops.

Terrazzo is available in endless color combinations.

Benefits of terrazzo:

  • A solid, long-lasting, high quality product.
  • It is able to withstand temperatures up to 400 ℃ (using coasters is recommended).
  • Strong and scratchproof.
  • Unique characteristics like shrinkage cracks.
  • Easy to clean, hygienic.
  • Available in any color combination.
  • Marks of use makes your worktop “alive”.

General characteristics:

Concrete could contain a few air bubbles. This is inherent to the product and makes it unique.

Concrete gets poured into a mold whilst it’s wet, and warms up whilst it is setting. Little shrinking cracks could show when the concrete cools down again.

Concrete contains chalk and this makes your worktop stain-sensitive. Most people get to appreciate the marks of use.

Try not to spill any acids on your surface, if so remove them immediately. We recommend to poor acids in the sink as much as possible.

We also recommend to use a cutting board and coasters.

“Het Keukenblad” uses a 2 mm size tolerances.


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