If you decide for Concrete or Terrazzo, you have chosen for a high quality in a hard-wearing product. Every worktop is unique. The several possibilities of colour, structure and style mark the unique character of your own special concrete- or terrazzo worktop.

The worktop’s characteristics are inherent. Give the material a chance to be alive. Concrete and Terrazzo are hardwearing materials. To prevent stains to get in to the material, it is essential to use an impregnation if you have chosen for a non-coated worktop. This impregnation should be used once a month. The right care for your daily use protects and supports the impregnation’s effect. Being a specialist in the concrete- and terrazzo sector, we assorted the supplied maintenance products for this purpose.

It contains Lotus LongLife, an impregnation product which we use in the factory as well, and Pearly for your daily use. We hope you are delighted with your concrete- or terrazzo worktop!

How to use Lotus LongLife impregnation:

We advise you to clean your worktop properly by using Pearly, before you start the impregnation. Your worktop should be clean, dry and stain free. Spread Lotus LongLife impregnation equally, using a lint-free cloth. Let the impregnation absorb into the concrete. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess material. Warning! Adjoining furniture or other things like wooden cup boards, hobs or metal frames may not get in contact with Lotus LongLife impregnation. Clean these just by using Pearly.

Using Pearly is simple:

Spray the product on your worktop. Leave it for a few seconds and wipe your surface with a clean cloth. We advise you to get in contact with us if your worktop features deep stains which do not come off using Pearly.


Overheated pots and pans can lead to tension and cracks in your worktop and may damage the impregnation. We advise you to always use coasters and cutting boards. Concrete and Terrazzo are not protected by the influence of acids.

Good to know:

Warning: Be careful using wine, champagne, juice, fruit or acid containing products (like citric acid, descaling or abrasives). Any stains should be cleaned of right away. This also counts for hot oil or fat or residues of strongly colored liquids and food (like red juice, red wine or beetroot).

We advise you not to use any kind of tape on a concrete worktop. This could damage the layer of coating.


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Pearly (500ml)
Daily cleanse of concrete and terrazzo.

Pearly en Lotus LongLife set
Pearly + Impregnation product for Terrazzo and non-coated concrete.

*Shipping costs contain € 7,95 (excl. 21% tax). Any questions about ordering or prices? Please contact Sabrina.

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