A concrete worktop suits very well in almost any kitchen. The combination of robust concrete with other materials creates a beautiful look. Every worktop is unique and especially made for you.

It starts with a handmade mold, which brings the advance of having endless possibilities.

The next step is filling the mold with fiber reinforced concrete. Special additions take most air out of the concrete. This means your worktop will be less porous and will have less chance of breaking.

We use concrete on the free sides. The remaining part of your worktop will be filled with lightweight material, which makes it less heavy. We take the worktop out of the mold after it has had time to settle. The final step is adding a protection layer, using a special impregnation.

It is important to know concrete is a natural product, with a miniscule open surface. This means little cracks could show after years of use. Concrete could very well be used in a kitchen if you treat it with the right knowledge and care. Besides that, it will bring charm and character to the product.

All the benefits:

  • Endless shaping possibilities.
  • Seamless production if you wish so.
  • Unique, beautiful and stylish look.
  • Contemporary and makes your kitchen “live”.
  • Hard-wearing material.
  • Fully handmade.
  • If you wish we can make your worktop very smooth, which is not only beautiful, but very practical as well.

All the cons:

  • Not heat proof. We recommend the use of coasters.
  • Sensitive for acids.
  • Sensitive for stains.

Without the right knowledge or care, you could damage your worktop permanently.
The right maintenance is always necessary to prevent this from happening. (click HERE for more information about maintenance)


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